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Kids and Art

Every child is an artist – Picasso

Kids who grow up making and seeing art, whether visual art, music, dance, or poetry are not only more confidence in expressing themselves, but they also have stronger language and motoric skills. Moreover, they usually have the abilities to excel in other school subjects.

Creative art activities can be immersed in various activities to support children's development, including:

A child can develop physical development of large and small muscles as well as their eye-hand coordination by practicing using crayons, markers, and paintbrushes. Some of the activities, including drawing, coloring, and painting.

A child develops social development when they can learn, share and interact with others through the activities. They can also be given the responsibilities to clean up and return all the materials to the places.

A child can develop their cognitive development by learning to identify various colors and shapes. They can also learn how to mix primary colors and secondary colors.

Through creative art, a child’s emotions will be developed especially when they can have the experiences to express something which words cannot express. They can also draw pictures based on their preferences. Also, a child can build their self-esteem when being valued and praised.

By giving them enough support and opportunities, the child’s imagination can be continuously enhanced and through active experimentation, a child may produce new art designs or products.

Ratna Pratiwi

Vice Principal of SCP Preschool & Kindergarten

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