Through the synthesis of the Indonesian national curriculum and Cambridge international curriculum, Sekolah Cita Persada develops well rounded individuals suited to the societal and political climate of Indonesia.


In Cita Persada, we define the standard of an individual equipped to live in our society by ensuring they fulfil the following aims:

  • Encourage moral excellence and happiness as the form of being grateful

  • Optimise intelligence aspects to enhance cognitive development, creativity and initiative

  • Instill tolerance towards others as a part of social development

  • Develop a sense of responsibility in all aspects of lives enthusiastically

  • Promote the endurance of doing what is right with truth and justice

Core Goals

  • Innovative

  • Creative

  • Global Minded

  • Ethical

  • Collaborative Spirit

SCP applies Indonesian Curriculum along with Cambridge Primary Curriculum for the three subjects of English, Math, and Science. It also utilizes an eclectic approach of education by using English as the medium of instruction and in daily conversation. At SCP, we believe in a purposeful curriculum, one that emerges from the children's interests and experiences. We provide assistance to our students to turn a mere experience to a learning experience. We advocate for a child-centered environment and emphasize greatly on the preparation of the environment for the children. To us, the prepared environment includes not only the space the children's use and the furnishings and materials within that space, but also the adults and the children who share their days with each other.


by division

  • for ages 18 months until 6 years

    Preschool & Kindergarten

    The SCP Preschool and Kindergarten program utilizes the Creative Curriculum to shape creative and innovative students of character.

  • for ages 6 until 12 years


    The SCP Primary program ignites each student's will to expand knowledge, acquire skills, build good character traits and learning attitude.

  • for ages 12 until 15 years


    The SCP Secondary curriculum integrates the learning methods and activities which are designed to prepare them for higher education.

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